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Date Committee Notice Items
Wed Jul 26 Assembly - Committee on Health REVISED: Public Hearing
11:00 AM
225 Northwest
Items: AB318; AB371
Wed Jul 26 Joint - Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules REVISED: Public Hearing
11:00 AM
201 Southeast
Items: CR16-061-ASM; EmR 1705
Wed Jul 26 Joint - Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules Executive Session
11:01 AM
201 Southeast
Items: EmR 1637; EmR 1701; CR16-061-ASM; EmR 1705
Thu Jul 27 Assembly - Speaker's Task Force on Foster Care Informational Hearing
10:00 AM
411 South
Items: Department of Children and Families ; Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board ; Wisconsin Counties Association ; Children's Hospital of Wisconsin; The Coalition for Children Youth and Families; Lutheran Social Services
Thu Jul 27 Senate - Committee on Workforce Development, Military Affairs and Senior Issues REVISED: Informational Hearing
11:30 AM
Dept. of Military Affairs Room A-111
Items: (None)
Thu Aug 03 Assembly - Committee on Education Public Hearing
11:00 AM
417 North (GAR Hall)
Items: AB398; AB427

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